The KORTECHS KS-1 quickshifter mechanics

The KS-1 force sensor
The KS-1 force sensor

The sensor has been specially developed around and for the karting, in a spirit of simplicity and robustness.


All the component are bill machined with the latest high end machines, gage of precision and quality.


 The parts are made of an high quality aluminium with an anodized coating to protect them against corrosion.


This enables the KS-1 quickshifter to work in the most severe conditions.


Link and setting
Link and setting



In addition to the original settings at the end of the link bar, the KS-1 quickshifter is equipped with a complementary setting allowing a fine adjustement capability.

Damping system
Damping system


In opposition of other product of that kind, the KS-1 quickshifter is equipped with a piston damping system.


The advantage is to lower the gearbox stress and to ensure a smooth shifting.

The advantages

  • The system doesn't require any maintenance.
  • Damping system: engage the gears smoothly, securing the gearbox.
  • Ease of use.
  • System reliability.
  • Can be mount on every kind of kart equiped with a sequential gearbox engine.
  • Works with every kind of linking bar (which should be round or machined at Ø12mm), even with non straight bar thanks to a very strong guidance of the KS-1 quickshifter.
  • Thanks to the easy assembly on the orginal bar, it is possible to drive normaly the kart even in case of eletronic dysfunction or battery discharging. This allows you to finish your race or your driving sessions.