The KORTECHS KS-1 electronic

Command and management electronic

The KORTECHS KS-1 QUICKSHIFTER is composed of simply two major components, a force sensor and a command and management electronic.




The electronic is mounted in an box made of ABS-PC and covered with a époxy resin, wich allows the system to have a protection index for dust and water of IP54.

The settings are made thanks to three push buttons.



The functions:

  • On / Off
  • Cut off time setting from 25 to 50 ms (by 5 ms increments)
  • Setting of the force to apply on the sensor to activate the ignition cut off
  • Battery level check
  • Reset

The indications:

  • On / Off
  • Setted cut off time indication
  • Cut off indicator
  • Low battery indicator
  • Alarm indicator (temperature)
  • Battery charge indicator

The KORTECHS KS-1 quickshifter power supply

The power supply is given by a Lithium-Polymer 3,7V battery. This permits to use the system during 5 hours in continuous operation!


This battery is integrated in the electronic box making the system compact and very easy to install, you needn't find a place on your kart to fix a seperate power supply.

The included charger is directly plugged in the electronic and could either be plugged in a classical 230V socket (attention the charger is made for UE socket, check your compatibility) or in a PC with the USB port.


Remember, even if the battery is empty, you can keep on driving or finish your race. The shifter is installed on your original linking bar.

The KORTECHS KS-1 quickshifter wiring

The connection wires are equipped with connectors taken from the automotiv industrie, this guarantees the reliability and robustness. The wires are used in the robotic industry and are therefore resistant against abrasion and hydrocarbons.


You have just to plug the sensor to the electronic, the electronic to the karting grounding, that's it!